Proof of identity

As a new customer, we are required to verify your identity when you apply for a credit card with us.

We have to check the identity of all our customers to comply with money laundering regulations. These regulations aim to stop criminals using financial products and services to launder money. They also protect you from criminals who might try to use your name without you knowing.

We need to see two proofs of your identity. One document from List 1, this must be a government issued document. A second document from List 2, containing full name and either date of birth or current address.

List 1 - photocopy or original

Valid Passport
UK Driving Licence (full or provisional)
Official Valid European Photo Identity Card
HM Forces ID Card (UK)
UK Original Birth Certificate (issued within 12 Months of DOB)
UK Adoption Certificate
UK Firearms Licence

List 2 - these must have your current address on them - original only

Addressed payslip*
Bank or building society statement*
Benefit Statement (e.g. Child Allowance, Pension)*
Certificate of British nationality (UK)
Council Tax statement (UK)**
Credit card statement*
Utility bill (electricity, gas, water, telephone (incl mobile phone bill)*
One of the following documents from the Borders and Immigration Agency (BIA) (formerly the Immigration and Nationality Directorate – IND) (UK): Convention Travel Document (CTD) / Stateless Person’s Document (SPD) / Certificate of Identity (CID)/Asylum Registration Card (ARC)
Connexions card (UK)
Correspondence or a document from Central/Local Government Agency/ Local Authority giving entitlement e.g. from Job Centre, Department for Work and Pensions (UK)*
Court Claim form issued by Court Services**
CRB Disclosure Certificate**
Financial Statement (eg. Pension, endowment, ISA)**
Letter from Head Teacher*
Mail order catalogue statement*
Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate
Mortgage statement**
Non-original birth certificate (issued after 12 months of DOB)
P45 / P60 statement**
Store card statement*
Valid insurance certificate**
Valid NHS Medical Card

* Documentation should be less than 3 months old
** Issued within the past 12 months

Please note: we will return all original documentation by secured post. Online print outs of bills or statements are NOT accepted, they must be originals.

Correctly certified copies of the documents by an appropriate individual, listed below will also be acceptable:

GP, Dentist, Solicitor, Accountant, Bank Officials, Prison Governors, Police Officers, Members of Parliament, Members of the Scottish Parliament or Northern Ireland Assembly, Justice of the Peace, Local or County Councillor, or staff in the registry of a higher or further education institution.