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Representative exampleYour interest rate for purchases is 34.95% p.a variable with a representative 34.9% APR variable if you borrowed £1,200 and repaid it over 12 months Reward

Like our other cards, aqua reward helps you improve your credit rating when you manage your finances well, including by staying within your limit and making payments on time.

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The difference is that it also rewards you for doing so. It gives you 0.5% Cashback (up to £100 per annum) on everything you buy, provided you stay within your credit limit and make your minimum repayment on time.

So you’re given money for doing what’s good for you anyway.

  • A 0.5% Cashback reward paid into your account every year
  • The aqua MasterCard is accepted at over 35.9 million places worldwide
  • No extra fees on what you spend abroad
  • An initial credit limit between £250-£1,200 – which could go up later
  • No interest on what you buy, if you pay the full amount on time each month
  • Text reminders, so you need never miss a payment
  • Our UK-based customer helpline
  • Manageable monthly payments and ability to change your payment date
  • You can run your account online
APROther APR's
Representative 34.9% APR (variable) APRs (variable) 44.9% or 49.9% or 54.9% or 59.9%
Other Interest Rates
  Introductory Rate Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Purchases N/A 2.529% or 3.141% or 3.432% or 3.717% or 3.992% 34.95% or 44.93% or 49.91% or 54.95% or 59.95%
Cash Advances N/A 3.142% or 3.717% or 3.992% or 4.259% or 4.519% 44.95% or 54.95% or 59.95% or 64.95% or 69.95%
Balance Transfers N/A 2.529% or 3.141% or 3.432% or 3.717% or 3.992% 34.95% or 44.93% or 49.91% or 54.95% or 59.95%

We may apply the standard interest rate to transactions before the end of the special promotion period if in any month you do not make at least your minimum payment by the payment date or if you exceed your credit limit at any time. Provided you always pay at least your minimum payment by the payment date and do not exceed your credit limit at any time, you will receive 0.5% cashback (up to a maximum of £100 in any anniversary year) on purchases made using the card.

Interest Free Period
  • Maximum 51 days for purchases if you pay the full balance shown on your previous and current statement on time.
  • There is no interest free period on cash advances or balance transfers.
Interest Charging Information

We charge you interest on all transactions from the date we first charge the amount to your account. However, if you pay your total balance in full and on time each month, you will not be charged interest on purchases. If you do not pay the total balance shown on your statement each month, we will add the interest charged to your next statement balance.

  From Until
Purchases Date debited to your account Paid in full
Cash Advances Date debited to your account Paid in full
Balance Transfers Date debited to your account Paid in full
Allocation Of Payments

If you do not pay your balance in full we will allocate your payments to the balances with the highest rates before balances with lower interest rates. See Section 2.2 of the terms and conditions for full details.

Minimum Repayment

Each month in which you have a balance outstanding on your account you must repay an amount equal to the total of any interest, default sums plus 1% of the balance shown on your statement (minimum £5.00, or the full balance if less than £5.00) plus the amount of any arrears, which are repayable immediately.

Credit Limit
Minimum Credit Limit £250
Maximum Credit Limit Subject to status
No annual fee.
Cash Advance Fee 3% (£3 minimum)
Balance Transfer Fee 3% (£3 minimum)
Copy Statement £5
Foreign Usage
Payment Scheme Exchange Rate Indicative rates can be found at
One or more of the following may apply:
Non-Sterling Transaction Fee 0%
Cash Fee 3% (£3 minimum)
Default Charges
Late Payment Fee £12
Over Limit Fee £12
Returned Payment Fee £12
Cost Of Borrowing
Interest Explained - based on the representative APR for purchases as indicated above

We would not recommend paying only the minimum payment. Only making the minimum payment maximises the interest you will pay and length of time it will take to clear your balance, as highlighted in the example below.

Illustrative example For a purchase of £1,000 on your credit card...
Monthly Payment Minimum Payment each month £50 each month
Taking into account any introductory rates, how much interest will you be charged in the first year £291.00 £266.00
How much interest will you be charged in the second year? £257.00 £150.00
How long would it take to clear the balance? 19 years, 11 months 2 years, 6 months

The above example assumes the following: The transaction takes place on 1st January and you make no further transactions. You always make the payment each month on the 15th. Your statement is produced 31 days after you make the purchase.

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