Easy ways to monitor your Credit Card spending

An important part of maximising the benefits of owning a credit card is the ability to keep track of your expenses. There are a number of easy ways to keep on top of your finances, such as the free text message service from aqua which provides regular SMS alerts when customers are approaching their credit card limit. This can act as a helpful reminder that you are close to exceeding your approved credit card limit and can act as a prompt to help you guard against accidental credit card overspending.

Staying one step ahead

However, before you begin to approach the limit of your monthly spend, keep tabs on your expenditure as you go by regularly checking your balance online. This will help you better organise your finances and immediately flag up any irregular activity on your account. By carefully monitoring your credit card spending, as opposed to waiting for a monthly bill, you will be better equipped with the freedom and flexibility to plan for any unforeseen expenses and save for long-term goals.

Hold onto your receipts

Another way to help keep track of your finances is to hold onto your receipts. By having a hard copy receipt of everything you've bought over a fixed period, you can easily compare with your monthly statement to keep track of any additional fees or charges. Keeping a file of your receipts can also help create an accurate picture of the kinds of purchases you regularly make and eliminate any unnecessary spending.

Carefully managing your money

Of course, not everything always goes to plan. If you’ve had a bad past experience with credit, at aqua we may be able to give you a second chance at taking hold of your finances and managing your money sensibly. Our credit cards are designed for people with an unconventional credit history – or no history at all – who are looking to change their financial situation for the better.

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Representative 35.9% APR variable on the aqua classic card.