It's time to Bounce Back

A bootcamp in financial fitness

It’s easy to trip up when it comes to managing your finances, most Brits have. Even just a little bump in the road can make it harder to find the right credit provider for you when you really need to.

At aqua, we believe that bouncing back and being better with credit isn’t impossible. It can be a tough journey but with a bit of sweat, hard work and support, you can take your next step. So we’ve teamed up with Joe Swash to launch the Bounce Back Bootcamp to get the country thinking about healthy credit and some of the ways you can start to bounce back.

Challenge Recap

Watch the Bootcamp video to unlock your Bounce Back skills

Find the right card

Every credit card is different - do your research!

Understand your card

Know how it works - when is your monthly payment due and what is your credit limit?

Stay in control

Make the most of the tools your credit card provider offers like repayment calculators and alerts.

The Research: Why do we need to Bootcamp?

You don’t need to look further than our research to see that it’s really important that Brits start to place greater importance on understanding their credit health and the steps they can take to improve it.

of Brits are confident they would have the knowledge to improve their credit rating

of Brits don't worry about their credit rating

of Brits are confident they are in a position to improve their credit rating

Research conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by aqua to a pool of 1,000 respondents across the UK in June and July 2017

Test your Bounce Back skills

Now it’s time to put your Bounce Back Bootcamp skills to the test, take this quick quiz to see what you’ve learnt.

What should you do before applying for a credit card?

Just go ahead and apply willy nilly, they are all the same
Do your research, apply for the right card for your needs
Apply for the first credit card you find

What is one way you can try and improve your credit rating?

Pay at least your minimum monthly payment by the due date
Don’t go over your credit limit
Both of these

Where can you find your current minimum payment amount and when it’s due each month?

Your monthly credit card statement
On the back of your credit card
On your previous month’s statement

How can you pay your balance faster and reduce the amount of interest you owe?

Only pay your required monthly minimum
Pay your required monthly minimum, plus any extra you can afford
Pay less than your required monthly minimum

What is a handy tool you can use to stay in control of your credit card?

Your remote control
Repayment calculators, text alerts and any other tools your card provider offers you

Your Bootcamp Result:

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Bounce Back Bloopers

Slips, trips and a few funny outtakes, watch Joe and our Credit Pro behind the scenes at Bootcamp.

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