Check your eligibility

Applying for credit and being turned down can affect your credit score. And that’s not much help if you’re trying to rebuild your credit rating. So we think it makes sense that you should be able to check your eligibility before you apply. That’s where aqua FastCheck comes in.

With no impact on your credit rating


  • What is aqua FastCheck
    FastCheck matches your answers to a few simple questions to a set of lending conditions. This is called a ‘soft search’.It then tells you how likely it is that we’ll be able to accept your application for credit.It’s free and it takes just a few moments to do.
  • Will it affect my credit rating?
    Unlike applying for a card, checking your eligibility with FastCheck doesn’t leave a ‘footprint’ on your credit file.That’s because it performs what’s called a ‘soft search’. So it protects your credit score.You’ll be able to see this ‘soft search’ when you check your credit history. Other lenders won’t.
  • What information do I need to give?
    We’ll ask you:
    • Your name, address and date of birth
    • How long you’ve lived at your current address
    • Whether you work and how much you earn.
    Don’t worry. We fully protect any personal details and data you give us. (To know more, check our privacy policy.)