aqua Credit Checker & Noddle alerts

  • What is aqua Credit Checker?

    aqua Credit Checker is a service for aqua customers that offers you free, unlimited access to your credit report, powered by Noddle. As an aqua customer, you’ll also have access to two premium services; Noddle Alerts & Noddle Improve – which normally cost £20 and £30 per year (the whole package, including credit report and premium services, is worth up to £50 per year.)

    Declined aqua card applicants can also sign up for aqua Credit Checker. Please note that premium services can be added at an additional cost if desired.

    To sign up for aqua Credit Checker click here.

  • What is the relationship between aqua and Noddle?

    aqua believes strongly that giving you access to your credit report and credit score, together with practical tips on how to improve it, will help you in taking control of your credit rating and give you the chance to start building a better financial future. Therefore, we have partnered with Noddle to offer you, aqua Credit Checker, for free.

  • What is Noddle Improve?

    It is a premium service that gives your credit score, as well as personalised tips on how to improve it. (Normal cost £30 per year). This is free to aqua customers who sign up for aqua Credit Checker. 

  • What is Noddle alerts?

    It is a premium service that provides weekly emails highlighting any significant changes to your credit report, helping to prevent identity theft. (Normal cost £20 per year). This is free to aqua customers who sign up for aqua Credit Checker. 

  • What is my credit score?

    Your credit score is a number made up from a range of different factors and is used by lenders to determine whether they think you will be able to afford to repay the credit you have applied for.

    Credit scores are measured by lenders in different ways, and there’s no such thing as a universal “perfect score”.Your credit score will impact the kind of financial products you are eligible for. Customers with a higher credit score will normally have access to a broader range of credit products. As such, being aware of what affects your credit rating can be instrumental in boosting your score.

  • Do all lenders use the same score?

    No. Different lenders take different factors into consideration when assessing applications. 

  • Are aqua allowed to pass my details to Noddle?

    Noddle power aqua Credit Checker, which is a service offered to you by aqua. By agreeing to our Privacy policy as part of the application process, you have given necessary consent to allow us to offer this benefit to you through Noddle. 

  • When will I be able to access aqua Credit Checker?

    We will send you an invitation email no more than 4 weeks after account opening or after you requested aqua Credit Checker from our website. The invitation email will provide a link to sign up for aqua Credit Checker and to see the Terms & Conditions that apply. 

  • How often will my credit score be updated?

    You can access your Noddle credit score via aqua Credit Checker. Your Noddle credit score is updated monthly just like your Noddle credit report. If you've not logged in for more than 30 days Noddle will send you an email to let you know your new report is ready, and when you log in you'll be able to see your new report and credit score.

    Remember it can take up to 12 months for any changes in your circumstances to impact your credit score.

  • How long will my aqua Credit Checker account remain open?

    Your aqua Credit Checker account will remain available for as long as your aqua card is open and being used. Please see the Terms & Conditions for further information.

    Declined Applicants
    Your aqua Credit Checker account will remain open for as long as you want it. If you become an aqua customer in future, then you will become eligible to receive the two premium services for free.

  • Will I lose Noddle Improve and Noddle Alerts if I close my aqua card?

    On closing your aqua card, your aqua Credit Checker account will convert to a Noddle account – with the same log-in details. If you signed up for the two free premium services, Noddle Improve and Noddle Alerts, then these will continue to run for free until their yearly anniversary – at which point you would need to pay for them should you wish to continue using these services under your new Noddle account. 

  • Who should I contact if I have queries regarding my aqua Credit Checker account?

    All queries should be directed to Noddle via or by using the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of each screen of your aqua Credit Checker account.

  • Can my additional aqua cardholders benefit from aqua Credit Checker?

    No, access to aqua Credit Checker is available only to the main aqua cardholder.

  • I am a new customer but I haven't received an invitation email/I deleted my invitation email to aqua Credit Checker in error

    That’s not a problem; you can request an email including a registration link to aqua Credit Checker by phoning customer services on 0333 220 2691*

  • I am an existing aqua customer, am I eligible for aqua Credit Checker?

    Yes. You can request aqua Credit Checker for free by contacting our customer services team on 0333 220 2691*

  • I already have a Noddle account, can I still get free access with aqua Credit checker?

    Yes, you will however be required to sign new aqua Credit Checker T&Cs. If you already have either or both premium services, there will be no refund for the cost of these. However, at anniversary these will become free (if you continue to be eligible). If your Noddle account has no premium services presently, these will be added to your account for free on signing the new T&Cs.

  • I lost my aqua card, will this affect my aqua Credit Checker account?

    No, your aqua Credit Checker account will have its own username and password (set by you at registration). If you feel this has been compromised, please contact Noddle via or by using the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of each screen of your aqua Credit Checker account.

    Please contact aqua Customer Service to report all lost and stolen cards.

  • I keep receiving marketing messages/newsletters from Noddle?

    In providing aqua Credit Checker, Noddle seek to provide relevant messages and offers to you. If you do not wish to receive these messages anymore, you can change your consent at any time by contacting Noddle via or by using the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of each screen of your aqua Credit Checker account.