Staying safe online

Fraudsters prowl the internet employing various methods and guises, so it is important to keep your finances and identity safe when purchasing products or services online. Only shop with reputed merchants and trusted websites that you know. When you are transferring personal information or adding your credit card details look for ‘https’ at the beginning of the web address or a picture of a padlock in the corner of your computer screen. Secure websites ensure your information cannot be hacked by thieves. Also, when buying online with a credit card, uncheck the ‘store my credit card for future purchases’ option and always examine your credit card statements for unauthorised transactions.

Being aware of scams

Perform safe online banking by using a secure internet connection when accessing your bank. Beware of phishing scams too. Legitimate-looking emails pretending to be from reputable financial institutions could catch you off guard and lure you to fake banking websites. These sites invariably look like the real thing but could unwittingly trick you into revealing vital information such as bank account information, social security details or PIN numbers.

Many unsuspecting internet users fall victim to phishing scams. However there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from hackers looking for holes in the system. Be aware of thieves and always be heedful when buying online with a credit card.

Protecting your passwords

Never reveal your passwords or personal information to anyone online. Even if the website or email looks genuine your credit card information could fall into the wrong hands. Bank safe online and stay protected from scammers and ill-intended imposters.