Using Credit Cards Abroad

If you’re visiting another country, whether for business or pleasure, there’s a lot to organise before the fun can begin. From flights and accommodation to making sure your passport is in date, there are many things to consider before travelling abroad. Of course, travel money is an integral part of any trip to a foreign country. You’ll need to think carefully about the most convenient payment method for your destination, as well as the safest way to spend money. Once you have a plan in place for managing your finances while you’re away, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday stress free.


Credit card benefits abroad

While paying in cash is the traditional way to pay on holiday, there are several advantages to using credit cards abroad. Your card is protected in any instances of theft or fraud while you’re away. One of the biggest credit card benefits is that if your card is lost or stolen, your provider can cancel your card straight away and issue you with a new one. In contrast to debit cards, prepaid cards and cash purchases, a credit card offers you more protection should you have any issues with your purchases abroad, such as being unable to return a broken item to an overseas retailer.

The convenient way to pay

Credit cards are widely accepted in destinations across the world, saving you the hassle of changing up your money into foreign currency before you travel – or withdrawing more than you need and having to convert it back into pounds. aqua’s Mastercard credit cards can be used in over 36 million different places and 600,000 cash points all over the globe. Don’t forget that when you pay for anything on your credit card in a foreign currency, depending on the type of aqua card you have, you may incur a charge.

Before you travel

You might be surprised to learn that using a credit card abroad can be no more expensive than paying in cash. In fact, many cards are free to use in countries across the world, which helps to simplify your holiday spending. Nevertheless, before you travel, be sure to find out if your card has a foreign-transaction fee. Both the aqua reward credit card and the aqua advance credit card offer a way to pay without charging extra fees on money you spend on holiday.

Things to remember

In preparation for using your credit card abroad, you should notify your card provider of where you are going and the length of your stay. That way, they are less likely to see your activity abroad as unusual and block the card whilst you’re away. If you're using this method of payment, ensure you pay it off in full every month to enjoy all the credit card benefits.


Representative 34.9% APR variable on the aqua reward card.

Representative 34.9% APR variable on the aqua advance card.