Get on “The Road To Good Credit” with aqua’s map and toolkit

Are you on ‘The Road To Good Credit’? Find out with aqua’s handy infographic, which outlines the challenges facing consumers trying to obtain credit – and also offers a useful ‘Traveller’s Toolkit’ for getting your credit score back on track. 

Using research compiled for our Mind the Credit Gap report of 2012, the infographic shows how more than half (57%) of UK consumers are at risk of being declined credit by mainstream lenders. It also reveals how age, gender and personal circumstances all play a part in determining creditworthiness – and that people from all walks of life can struggle to access the credit they need. Key findings include:

- 34% of those in full-time employment can find it difficult to access credit
- One-third (32%) earning £50,000 or more can also struggle in this regard
- 69% of women and 82% of 18-24-year-olds fail to meet typical lending criteria
- A staggering seven in 10 have no idea what their credit score is

Remember, aqua offers credit building credit cards with advantages that can help credit card users with bad credit.

* Research carried out between August and September 2012 with Research Plus Ltd. This involved the development of a typical credit check survey which was completed by a UK representative sample of 2,023 adults.