Credit Cards for Low Income Earners and Those With a Bad Credit Rating

If you are a low wage earner or unemployed it doesn’t mean you can’t get access to credit. Here at aqua we understand that if you don’t have an income it may not necessarily be because you’re unemployable. You may be in the early stages of a business start-up, have recently returned from your travels or need credit to tie you over while you switch careers. Whatever the reason, having no, or a low-income doesn’t mean that you can’t get a credit card.

Credit cards for the unemployed

While many credit card applications set minimum salary requirements that make them out of reach for those without work, there are specific credit cards for the unemployed. If you are self-employed or employed with a fluctuating income, aqua might be able to help you obtain credit. We specialise in assisting people with exceptional circumstances and would be happy to deal with your query.

It is helpful to know that there are a range of different cards designed to suit people according to their spending habits and financial circumstances. As a specialist lender aqua aims to give potential borrowers in varying financial situations much-needed access to credit. Just because you’re a low income earner it doesn’t mean that you should have to rely on expensive forms of credit or simply go without.

Representative 35.9% APR variable on the aqua classic card.