Credit cards for students

Student debt is a big issue in modern times. If you’re a student leaving home and going off to college or university you need all the financial support you can get so that you can fulfil your career aspirations. Budgeting, food shopping and paying utility bills is new territory for many students, and having to deal with a student loan, overdrafts and fees can be a daunting experience without your parents to fall back on.

Credit cards can provide you with the often-needed access to a line of credit or cash. Getting a credit card when you’re a student might sound like a bad idea, but while students may not earn much money, they are an investment for the future and are seen as potential high earners further down the line. aqua treats all of our customers and their applications on an individual basis, and whether you’re a student or employed full time, we will aim to find a suitable credit agreement for your situation.

Building a credit history

However, in many cases students who have recently left home won’t have yet built up a credit history. Our credit cards have been designed with people like students in mind and may be able to help in such cases. Most students are already likely to graduate with mounting debt so ensure that access to credit is right for you. If you don’t have any credit history or you’re finding it hard to establish one, aqua may be able to help. We have assisted many people who have experienced problems with credit in the past or are only starting to develop a credit history in the UK.

Planning ahead

The good thing about credit cards for students is the chance to start building a solid credit history young and have a good score by the time you graduate. Credit cards for students can also come in handy when paying for everyday items like groceries and utilities. As long as you don’t spend beyond your means.

Representative 35.9% APR variable on the aqua classic card.

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