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Having a poor credit score raises British broadband bills by £342m per year

Families with poor credit scores miss out on the most competitive broadband deals on the market, adding more than £115 a year to their household costs.
Three quarters of Brits (74%) are unaware that a credit score could impact whether they are accepted for the best broadband deals

Having a poor credit score raises utility bills by £327m per year

‘The Cost of a Poor Credit Rating’ – a report by Dr John Glen, Senior Lecturer at Cranfield Business School and commissioned by credit card provider aqua – finds that UK families with a poor credit score could be losing £327m a year as utility providers charge them more for using their services. This is an extra cost of £138 each year on gas, electricity and water for the average family with a low credit score.

A poor credit score ups bills by £1,300

Households with poor credit scores pay £1,300 a year more for utility bills and loans than families with higher scores, according to new research.

How long does it take to fix your credit rating?

Guest blogger Mario Lupori of aqua credit cards look at how quickly you can get your credit rating back on track. Spring is a time of year that many of us look to make improvements to ourselves and our lives. Sorting out your finances is one of the most popular areas to look at.

Households with bad records spend £1,225 extra each year on financial products

A family with a poor credit rating could end up spending £1,225-a-year more on financial products compared to one with an excellent credit history, a study has found.

Steer your credit score in the right direction with these tips

The Cost Of A Poor Credit Rating report, commissioned by credit card provider Aqua, reveals that having a less than squeaky-clean credit history could cost a middle-income household an average of £1,170 more a year than if their score was healthy.

Report exposes credit polarisation that costs families in the UK up to £3.5bn a year

Families are wasting their cash unnecessarily by missing out on the best tariffs, adding hundreds to the cost of household expenditures like utility bills and mobile phone contracts

Low credit ratings costs families £3.5bn

The average family with a low credit rating spends an extra £1,170 a year – or £3.5 billion in total – across utility bills, mobile phone and broadband contracts, credit cards, white goods and cars purchased on finance.

How a poor credit rating can cost you an extra £1,200 a year

The cost of a poor credit rating can add up when paying for everyday goods and services. Millions of middle income households with a poor credit rating are being forced to spend around £1,170 more than those with a good credit rating, according to new research.

It’s well worth checking your credit rating

Households with a poor credit rating can pay between £1,089 and £1,225 more per year than those with healthy credit scores, according to a new report.

Aqua credit card launches credit checker service

Aqua credit card has launched aqua Credit Checker, a service for new customers which gives them free unlimited access to their credit report. Powered by Noddle, the consumer credit report company, the service, worth up to £80 a year, helps new customers monitor their credit report and get their credit rating in as good a shape as possible.

Are you credit worthy?

Three quarters (73%) of UK adults expect to be accepted when applying for credit, yet less than one in two (43%) are likely to be, according to research commissioned by aqua Credit Cards. This means almost a third of people in the UK (30%) are blind to the fact that they are actually at risk of being declined.


More than half of women in the UK (52%) have admitted to never checking their credit score, according the new research commissioned by aqua credit cards.

Three in five young adults have never checked their credit score

Three in five (61%) of 18-24 year olds have never checked their credit score, according the new research, commissioned by aqua credit cards. This is particularly concerning since aqua’s ’Mind the Credit Gap’, report published in November 2012, found that eight in ten (82%) 18-24 year olds fail to meet the criteria lenders typically look for.

The importance of having a healthy credit rating

It's been widely accepted that there is currently a cost of living crisis. Six years on from the recession, many families across the UK still have to tighten their belts to make ends meet. Incomes are continually being squeezed and salaries are struggling to keep up with inflation, driving more and more people to borrowing.