We’re careful with credit

Just because we help people that some mainstream credit providers may not, it doesn’t mean we’re irresponsible. We’re not the sort of company that gives a customer a credit card with a huge limit and then lets them get themselves into trouble. In fact, that’s the opposite of what we do.

Sensible credit limits

If we give you an aqua card, we’ll set your credit limit by what we think you can pay back. To us, that’s only fair, sensible and responsible. Then, if you keep to your limit and pay on time, we might look at raising it later, to give you more flexibility. As an aqua customer, you can enjoy the benefit of choosing a monthly payment date to suit you. You can change this date up to two times a year.

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Our service helps you be responsible

With an aqua card, you’ll get our free service called aqua Credit Checker. With this you’ll enjoy free unlimited access to your credit report, plus a range of tools to help you take control of your credit rating and build a better financial future. We’ll also send you text reminders to help you run your card account sensibly. So while we make life easier in the short term by giving you credit, we’ll help you improve your long-term position too. You can request aqua Credit Checker for free by contacting our customer services team on 0333 220 2691.

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Representative 35.9%APR (variable) on the aqua classic card.