About us

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Hello, we’re Aqua

Lots of companies look at people and only see a credit score.


But at Aqua, we look at people differently.


We do it because we believe that it’s always possible to build a better credit score with products like our Aqua Classic card (Representative 34.9% APR variable).


That’s why ‘yes’ is one of our favourite words. 


Our aim is to say yes to lots of different types of people:

  • Yes to helping people who have been rejected by high street lenders or people who are new to credit.
  • Yes to people who are self employed or have an irregular or low income.
  • Yes to those who might have had money troubles in the past and want to make a new start.
  • Or yes to people who simply want to build better credit.


We do this because your credit score is more important than ever. It influences what you can buy, how you buy it and how much it costs. 


As a responsible lender, we can’t always say yes – but we’ll offer tips and guidance to help you on the path to yes.




Improving your credit score

With the right tools and support, everyone can begin a journey towards better credit. So we give you everything you need to get on track to build your credit score.


An Aqua card also offers fair and sensible credit limits that may increase over time if you manage your account well. Text alerts and a dedicated app to help you stay on top of your account. 


Since 2002, we’ve said yes to over 1 million people so they can start their journey towards better credit. We’d love to help you too because we know you’re more than a credit score.

Representative 34.9% APR (variable) on Aqua Classic, our credit card for bad credit.



Aqua is powered by NewDay

Your Aqua card is issued by NewDay. If the name sounds familiar it’s because NewDay are one of the UK’s largest providers of consumer finance.


NewDay has a really simple goal – to help people get better with credit.


Above all, NewDay acts responsibly to help meet their customers’ needs, whether it’s by offering new ways to access credit or by providing tools that make managing finances easier.