Credit cards for building credit

Aqua Classic


A credit card to help improve your credit score

  • Receive an initial credit limit from £250 to £1,500
  • Track your credit score 24/7 with our app
  • No annual fees


34.9% APR

Representative (variable) for Aqua Classic

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Benefits of Aqua Classic


Take control of your credit score with the help of a credit-builder card from Aqua. Get tools and support to improve a low score and start building your credit history.

Build better credit

  • Ability to build your credit score, if you manage your account well
  • Get free access to your credit score in the Aqua app
  • Get expert support from Aqua Coach with hints & tips to help improve your score


Safe and secure

  • Check your eligibility for an Aqua card in just 60 seconds with no impact on your credit score
  • Get 24/7 fraud protection to keep your account safe
  • As a Mastercard, Aqua Classic is accepted at over 35 million places worldwide


Smart credit limits

  • We give you a personalised credit limit starting from £250 - £1,200
  • Your credit limit adjusts as we get to know you and could even grow if you manage your account well

Don't forget

Failure to make payments on time or to stay within your credit limit means that you will pay additional charges and may make obtaining credit in the future more expensive and difficult.

Am I eligible for a credit-builder card?


You can apply for an Aqua card as long as you:


  • Are aged 18 and over and have a permanent UK address
  • Haven’t been registered bankrupt in the past 18 months and don’t have ongoing bankruptcy proceedings against you
  • Have a current UK bank or building society account
  • Haven’t received a County Court Judgement (CCJ) in the past 12 months
  • Don’t already have an Aqua card and haven’t have taken out an Aqua, marbles, opus, Fluid or Bip card in the past 12 months

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Credit-builder card FAQs

  • A credit-building credit card could help you to build up a history of good credit – as long as you manage your account carefully. That means staying well below your credit limit and making at least the minimum repayment by the due date each month. Over time, you should normally see your credit score rise thanks to doing this. Find out how quickly this might happen.

  • It’s quick and easy to apply for the Aqua Classic credit-builder card. You can check your eligibility online in less than 60 seconds, without affecting your credit score. You’ll need to give a few quick details about things like your employment, residential status and income. Typically we’ll tell you right away whether you could be eligible. If so, you can apply with a few clicks.

  • You won’t have any annual fees to pay with Aqua Classic – but you may with some other credit cards.

What's the difference between an eligibility check and an application ?


An eligibility check – like our SafeCheck – tells you whether the card company is likely to say ‘yes’ to your application, but it doesn’t leave a hard check on your credit report and doesn’t commit you to applying for the card. This means that you know whether you’re safe to apply, without having to worry about damaging your chances of getting other credit in future.

A full application, on the other hand, does leave a mark on your report. That’s why it’s best not to fill in lots of applications with different companies. If in doubt, always check your eligibility first.


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What is a credit-builder credit card?

A credit-builder credit card is specially designed to help you improve your credit. If you have a low credit score – or if you don’t have any credit history at-all – you may have trouble finding a lender who’ll offer you credit. That’s where a credit-building card comes in. It gives you a way to borrow money and, by managing your account well, show lenders that you can be trusted to pay it back on time. Plus, there are lots more advantages of using a credit card that you’ll enjoy, too.

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Why do I need to build my credit?

Building better credit could help you become eligible for a wider range of credit products. When you apply for products like credit cards, loans, car finance or mortgages, lenders use your credit records to help them decide whether they can give you credit – and if so at what rate. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to be offered the best deals, like lower interest rates, interest-free periods or cashback.

Who are credit-builder cards for?

A credit-builder card is ideal for you if you have a low credit score. This might be because, for example, you’ve previously missed repayments on credit products or gone over your credit limit. A credit-builder card can also help you if you don’t have any credit history – perhaps because you’re a first-time borrower or you’ve recently come to live in the UK.

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How do credit builder cards work?

A credit-builder card works by giving you a way to prove that you’re a responsible borrower. By managing your credit account well – making at least the minimum payment on time every month and staying below your credit limit – you can build up a history of good credit that will be recorded on your credit file. All UK lenders have access to these records and will check them if you apply for their credit products. If they like what they see, you’re more likely to get the ‘yes’ you want.

How to improve your credit score


As well as using a credit-builder card, there are several other things you can do to start moving your credit score in the right direction.

Check that you’re on the electoral register

The electoral register is an official record that lenders can use to confirm you’re who you say you are. That’s why it’s important to keep your name on it, even if you don’t plan to vote.

Always pay bills and make debt repayments on time

If you’re late with a payment – even by just a day or two – your credit score can suffer. A missed payment can sit on your credit record for up to seven years.

Make sure your credit record is up to date

Credit records can sometimes contain mistakes – and these can affect your credit score. It’s worth checking yours regularly to make sure it’s right.

Keep old accounts open and build your credit history

If you have long-standing credit accounts that have been managed well, consider keeping them open. This can show you’ve been a reliable borrower in the past which is a good sign to lenders.

Don’t apply for credit too often

Lenders get nervous if they see a lot of applications for credit on your credit record within a six-month period. That makes them less likely to accept you.

Be a responsible borrower

Managing your existing credit accounts well is one of the surest ways to boost your credit score – helping you get the credit you want in future.

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Can I get a credit-builder card if I have poor credit?

A credit-builder card is designed specifically for people like you with poor credit. That means your application is more likely to be accepted than if you were to apply for a credit card for people with good or excellent credit. If accepted, you’ll be given a credit limit that doesn't stretch you too far. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is likely to be high, encouraging you to make full repayments on time so you’re not charged interest on your balance.

And if you choose a credit card for bad credit from Aqua, you’ll also get access to a wide range of credit-building tools to help you on your journey. Discover the benefits of Aqua Classic today.

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Aqua Classic FAQs

  • Aqua Classic comes with a host of tools to help you use your card responsibly, including:

    • Aqua Coach – our free credit builder tool in the Aqua app
    • A great mobile app to keep you in control 24/7
    • Text reminders to keep you on track
    • Award-winning support from our UK-based call centre

    If you use these tools to manage your account well, then this will help to build your credit rating.

  • Unlike some other credit cards, there are no annual fees with the Aqua Classic card.

  • If you make your payments on time and stick within your credit limit over a number of months, then we may look at increasing your credit limit, if we think that’s the right thing and taking into account your personal circumstances. We’ll need to see that your account is being managed responsibly before we can offer you a credit limit increase.


    You can reduce your credit limit at any time by calling customer services. You can also choose how you would like us to manage your credit limit preferences.

  • Yes, just look for the contactless symbol at locations that accept Mastercard.

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