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Aqua is the smart way to build better credit

An Aqua credit card gives you the power to improve your credit score – backed by expert support, personalised limits and a secure app

34.9% APR

Representative (variable)

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Why should I apply for an Aqua credit card?

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Safe and secure

With our 24/7 fraud protection, we’ll help you keep your account safe and our friendly team can support you if you ever need us.

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Personalised credit limits

We’ll adjust your credit limit as we get to know you and could even increase it if you manage your account well.

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Expert support and tools

Join the hundreds of thousands of people improving their credit score with our support and tools, including free credit score updates in the Aqua app.

34.9% APR  Representative (variable) for Aqua Classic

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Check your eligibility for Aqua with no impact to your credit score

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How do credit cards work?

Credit cards work by lending you up to a maximum amount known as a credit limit. Your credit limit is personalised to your circumstances and it could even grow over time if you manage your account well.

Whether you need to make payments online, at the shops, or in your favourite restaurant, a credit card offers a flexible way to borrow money as and when you need it.

If you only use your account for purchases and you pay back what you borrow in full each month, you usually won’t pay interest. Or if you prefer, you can carry forward your balance and pay interest each month. Bear in mind that you must still pay at least your minimum monthly payment - and more when you’re able to. Here’s more on how credit cards work.


How you can apply for an Aqua credit card

Apply today with an eligibility check in as little as 60 seconds – with no impact on your credit score. If your application is approved, and you’ve accepted the credit limit offered, we’ll pop your new Aqua card in the post. You could be on your way to building better credit before you know it.

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Aqua Classic FAQs

Get more help improving bad credit

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Check out our range of guides with helpful tips and advice to get you on the path to building better credit.

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Credit cards

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