Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How to pay your credit card balance

    By staying within your credit limit and making at least the contractual minimum payment listed on your bill each month, you can build better credit and improve your score – and we may be able to increase your credit limit.


    We’ve made it as easy as possible to pay your monthly Aqua credit card statement. Whether you want to pay in full each month or spread your repayments, you can choose which of the following options is right for you.


    If you are unable pay for any reason, please call us on 0333 220 2691* as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to help.

    • A Direct Debit is a simple and easy way to pay your credit card each month. You can set one up from your bank account. You can choose any of the following four payment options for your Direct Debit:

      • the contractual minimum payment

      • the full balance

      • a fixed percentage of your balance

      • a set amount of money each month


      Whichever one suits you! If you choose to pay by Direct Debit, your payment will come out of your bank account approximately 17 days after the date your statement is issued each month.


      If you’d like to know more about paying by Direct Debit, give us a call on 0333 220 2691*.

    • Our free app puts control of your account in the palm of your hand, helping you manage your account, your way – wherever you are. As well as paying your balance quickly and easily, the app has all the features you need to manage your account:

      • view your latest balance and available credit limit

      • see your latest transactions, including pending transactions

      • make a payment on your account

      • set up or manage your Direct Debit

      • manage your statement preferences

      • update your contact details

      • contact us and view our FAQs


      Download the Aqua app on Android


      Download the Aqua app on iOS

    • You can pay online through your own bank or by logging into your account. Please allow at least 3 working days before the due date shown. We also accept payments using the Faster Payment Service.

    • Complete the payment slip that comes with your statement and send it with a cheque in the envelope provided. You'll need to make the cheque payable to the account holder, with the 16-digit credit card number included in the payee line. Please allow at least 7 working days for your payment to reach us.

    • Call into any bank in the UK displaying the Mastercard sign. Simply complete and hand in the Giro Credit Slip with the cheque or cash (some banks may charge a fee). You'll need to make Giro payments at least 5 working days before the due date shown on your statement.

    • You can set up a standing order from your bank. You’ll need to check that your payment will reach your account by the payment due date and make sure the amount covers the contractual minimum payment, which will vary depending on how much you’ve spent on your card.


      To set up the standing order, you'll need to provide your bank with the following details:

      • aqua Sort Code: 30-00-00

      • aqua Account Number: 00282448

      • Your reference number, which is your 16-digit account number

    • To pay your account using Telephone Banking you will need to provide your bank with the following information:

      • Aqua Sort Code: 30-00-00

      • Aqua Account Number: 00282448

      • Your reference number, which is your 16-digit account number


      Please check with your bank that your payment will reach your account by the due date on your statement.


Want help understanding your statement? Try our guide to statements and payments.


*Calls may be recorded and monitored for training and security purposes and to help us manage your account. Calls to 0333 numbers will be charged at a standard national rate. Call costs from mobile companies and operators may vary so please check before calling.