Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Payment freeze

    What is a Payment Freeze?

    If you are experiencing temporary difficulties in making your payments due to COVID-19, eligible customers can activate a Payment Freeze. This means you can continue to use your account while putting a hold on required monthly payments for three months.


    You would not need to make a payment to us during the three months and you would be able to continue to use your account as normal. Where relevant, interest will be charged during the Payment Freeze on your current balance, new transactions and any interest accrued. This means it may cost you more and take you longer to repay your balance.


    Please only activate this option if your payment issues are temporary and you are not able to make a payment for a short time. If you are experiencing longer-term financial difficulties or have had a Payment Freeze already but are still suffering payment difficulties due to COVID-19, we have a team of specialists who can help you – see Worried about payments.

    When will it be available and how do I set it up?

    Payment Freeze is now available. It is a new feature that we have built for eligible customers in response to COVID-19.

    Payment Freeze is available to all customers who are up to date with their payments, are within their current credit limit and are not currently on another payment holiday. Eligible customers will see a notification to activate in Online Account Manager – please log in and follow the directions to activate your freeze. Please log in to Online Account Manager for more information about your eligibility and how to activate a Payment Freeze.


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