Frequently Asked Questions

 Credit Limit, Statements, Payments, Interest Rates & Balance Transfers

  • We can give you a rough idea. We’ll provide an initial credit limit of between £250 and £1,500 depending on your individual circumstances and what we believe you can afford to comfortably repay.

  • Yes, of course. As a responsible lender, we monitor accounts on an on-going basis to see how you're getting on.


    It's important that you make your contractual minimum payment on time and keep within your credit limit as this may affect our decision. We need to see that an account is well managed and payments are made on time over a number of months before we can offer you a credit limit increase.


    You can reduce your credit limit at any time by calling customer services. You can also choose how you would like us to manage your credit limit preferences.

  • You can do this using your Online Account Manager or by using our automated customer service line.


    You can choose from one of the following options:

    Automatically. We’ll tell you about credit limit increases and activate them automatically unless you tell us not to.

    Let us know. We’ll offer you a credit limit increase but you must contact us to accept it.

    No Increases. We won’t offer you credit limit increases at any time, unless you change your preference.

  • The best way to get a credit limit increase is to stay within your limit and keep making at least your contractual minimum payment, on time, every month. We need to see an account is well managed and payments are being made on time before we can consider increasing your credit. We also take into account how you manage accounts and other matters when considering whether you are eligible.

  • We’ll send you a text message if you’re getting close to your credit limit. If you go over at any time during the month, you will be charged a fee of £12. This will appear on your next statement. You will also lose any promotional rates you have on your account at that time.

  • Each month you'll receive a statement from us showing where and when you used your aqua credit card, together with the amounts you spent. You must pay at least the contractual minimum payment every month, which is an amount equal to the sum of interest, default fees plus either 1%, 2%, 2.5%, 2.75% or 3.25%  of the full amount you owe, as shown on your statement (minimum £5). If you owe less than £5 then you must repay the full amount. You should always try to pay more than the contractual minimum payment, as this means you will pay less interest and pay back the amount you owe more quickly. You will also need to pay any arrears or over limit amount, which are due immediately.


    You may see a Recommended Extra Payment appear on your statement, as part of your Payment Requested. This is an additional amount on top of your contractual minimum payment that we recommend you pay to clear your balance faster and to help ensure your account does not fall into Persistent Debt.


    You can contact us to change your monthly payment date to suit your personal circumstances. This can be changed up to three times a year.

  • If you have a balance or have used your Aqua card, you should receive a statement every month. If you have a balance and you have not received a statement, please call Customer Services who will be able to help you. Don’t forget, once you register for your Online Account Manager we will send you an email when your next statement is ready to view.