Budgeting your money

Make managing your money a breeze, by setting realistic goals and sticking to them.

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Group of young and adult men and women smiling in casual clothing, enjoying drinks around a table, sitting outdoors.
Budgeting your money

The Great British Beer Garden

With summer around the corner, Aqua reveals which UK cities are best for beer gardens.

Published on May 22nd, 20238 mins read
Smiling family sitting down to dinner with young children, getting settled at the table.

Financial freedom in the UK

We’ve explored which cities in the UK are better suited for those working towards financial freedom in the UK

Published on April 26th, 20236 mins read
Smiling adult man and woman holding coffees and pretzel in an outdoor winter setting.

The cost of a first date

Survey finds almost a quarter of single Brits are planning to stop dating due to the cost of living crisis.

Published on January 26th, 20235 mins read
Man and woman sitting at at table, drinking coffee and reviewing paperwork.

Couples' spending habits in the UK

Our research uncovers the financial topics that put the most strain on relationships

Published on January 19th, 20236 mins read
Young adult male working with laptop indoors.

The effect of inflation on the UK’s favourite...

With the UK’s inflation rising at the highest rate for 40 years, what can we expect our favourite items to cost in ...

Published on October 25th, 20228 mins read
Close up of woman buying home, exchanging keys with real estate agent.

How to get a mortgage with bad credit

Discover how you can improve your chances of buying a house with bad credit.

Published on September 29th, 20225 mins read
Adult man smiling while casually dressed sat on sofa looking at smart phone.

Finance tips for students

Get money smart and learn simple steps you can take to build your financial future, even whilst still at school.

Published on September 27th, 20226 mins read
Cheerful young adult woman with headphones around neck holding laptop under arm, enjoying the outdoors lifestyle.

Top credit-building tips for graduates

Get off to the right start in life with these credit building tips for graduates.

Published on June 13th, 20229 mins read
Indoor living room setting: man sitting with child on lap working on a laptop

Budgeting for a baby

Discover some top tips for saving for a baby and for your children's future.

Published on February 4th, 20208 mins read

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Budgeting your money

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