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It's true that credit cards can sometimes be a bit confusing. The Aqua Credit Hub is designed to provide you with all the tips and tricks you need on your journey towards better credit.


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Credit cards

What is a balance transfer? What are the benefits of a balance transfer? • What is a balance transfer fee?

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Understanding credit

Types of credit Credit cards • Bank loans • Payday loans • Student loans • Overdrafts • Other types of credit

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Credit cards

Reducing credit card debt Make a monthly budget • Use a balance transfer to reduce your interest payments

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Credit cards

Credit cards for low incomes Credit cards for low income and unemployed people • Credit cards for self-employed people

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Understanding credit

How to fix bad credit In this guide you’ll find out how to improve bad credit and how quickly you can do it.

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Understanding credit

How credit card payments work Credit card payments explained • What’s the contractual minimum payment?